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We are pleased to introduce Qatta Hospitality Management. We have seven major brands under same umbrella’s family. It consists of Modern Hotel Georgetown, The Southern Boutique Hotel, Eastern Hotel, Atta Hotel Jelutong, Atta Hotel Bukit Mertajam, Atta Mansion and Eureka Hotel Penang. Guests will enjoy a blend of thoughtful simplicity and the warmth and sincerity of Asian hospitality. Each of our hotels are, therefore, a vibrant yet professional environment, designed to complement guests at work, rest or play. We certainly hope it will be a memorable experience regardless it is for business or leisure trip.

All of our hotels are certainly delivers quality, comfort, convenience and value, but what makes our special is the way we makes people feel: hospitality and respectful. Qatta Hospitality Management has always believe in the unique characteristics encapsulated by Asian hospitality. This quality remains the cornerstone of its reputation as a world-class hotel group. The hotel take pride in every achievements, while remaining outwardly humble. In striving to delight customers during the stay, the hotel aims to exceed expectations through consistent quality and value in every services offered. That’s why Qatta Hospitality Management looks for trend setters and professionals who are motivated by innovation and driven by achievement.

Qatta Hospitality Management vision is “To be the first choice for guests, colleagues, shareholders and business partners.” Meanwhile, the mission is “guests’ satisfaction are our priority” . Last but not least, our polite, helpful and friendly staffs are willing to go beyond the basics with outstanding service to ensure all the guests have the pleasant stay with us.

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